Advantages of official
GAZ service stations

Quick service

To quickly locate defect causes, all GAZ service stations are equipped with modern and high-tech diagnostic equipment. Over 95% of all warranty repairs are done on the day of the customer’s request.

Common quality standards

All GAZ network companies undergo certification to meet the manufacturer’s requirements to service stations that forms the common customer service quality standards and service work standards.

Qualified staff

All GAZ service stations employ certified trade and service staff which are able to identify a fault promptly and do the required repair both in GAZ vehicles and other brands.

Original spare parts

The official GAZ dealers use only the original certified spare parts for repair and maintenance of GAZ vehicles at favourable prices, which is an important factor, as it extends the service life of your vehicle and saves money.

Affordable prices

Traditionally, low standard hour cost (on average 30% lower compared to other brands) and low price of the spare parts (3 to 5 times lower compared to other brands) will make it possible to cut the cost of ownership for GAZ vehicles to the maximum.

The total planned maintenance costs for a GAZ vehicle are 20% lower compared to the European brands!

Full range of services

All services are certified by the Russian certification body (certification system for the motor vehicles).